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Lisa Heindel

Crescent City Living LLC
New Orleans, Louisiana
Mom, Grammy, wife, NOLA native, technology geek and social media addict who happens to sell real estate.

Married with 4 great kids and playing Everybody Loves Raymond with the rest of the family living next door. And, because everyone asks, The Midget is my granddaughter. The light of my life. I'll show you pictures whether you want to see them or not.

And, because the anal retentive Louisiana Real Estate Commission doesn't believe that I can be a person outside of real estate, they insist that I tell you...

I am a licensed real estate broker in LA, USA (which is a good thing, since it's where I live)

with Crescent City Living LLC in New Orleans, LA (another good thing)

504.327.5303 (office)
504.616.6262 (cell/text)